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Technology (BASIC Skills)

- including programming and scripting NOTE: If your are looking for basic computer skills and such, see one of these files: -[Computer Skills]- -[Word Processing]-

Technology (BASIC Skills)

For programming/scripting, refer to: -[
The C Programming Language]- (from micro bots to IBM main frames! c is THE language of choice even Doom 3, Second Life, Java and JavaScript are spin-offs of "lowly" c !! On this page: {Intro}
An Introdction to Technology At its simplest level, technology is simply science "put to work" - all under-laying ideas in technology are at various levels of science. This doesn't mean that you have to understand the science (it can help as long as you don't go too far with a "little learning"). But, many of the safety precautions and "ways things are done" have their roots in the SCIENCE (sci for short) behind the technology (tech for short).