Paris: Manet & Degas

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Phoebe Pool

[POOL 1979]] P.118 -- Chapter Five The Relationship of Manet and Degas to the Impressionists P-01 Vague or specialised definitions of Impressionism have been attempted in order to include boht Edouard Manet and Edgar Degas] within the movement. It is true that these two artists were concerned, like Monet and his friends, with the passing moment, with the concrete and particularised actuality of life around them rather than with the archaic and smooth generalities of Salon painting. But their relationships witht he Impressionist painters were complicated and changeable. They were separated from the *** HOW/WHY *** Impressionists by artistics aims, social class, education and, perhaps above all, by their age. Sometimes Manet and Degas seem like the more sophisticated and articulate older brothers of Impressionism, often helpful, occasionally scornful, but not too proud to learn a trick or two from their juniors. P-02 Born in 1832, Manet was older than Renoir and Monet by eight and nine years, resepectively, whereas only two years separated him from Degas, who was born in 1834. As Parisians from 'good' families, Manet and Degas had far more early opportunities than Monet and his group for contacts with writers and musicians. This helped to {Back to the TOP of this page}


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