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Paris (refs

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Phoebe Pool

[POOL 1979] The World of Art (Oxford series), "Impressionism", by Phoebe Pool, ISBN 0.19.519930.8 (Great Britain, 1967; repr. 1979). Cover-blurb: Phoebe Pool was born in London and read for a degree in modern history at Oxford. Later she embarked on a course of study at the
Courtauld Institute of Art, where she specialised in 19th century (1800c) French painting (see map). She later lectured at the University of Reading. Her interest in the inter-relationship between the painters, writers, and social background of a given period and country led her to study the milieu of Picasso in Barcelona and Paris, and in colaboration with Sir Anthony Blunt, she wrote Picasso: the Formative Years. {Back to the TOP of this page}

The Goncourt Journal

Major text extracts here] (The Goncourt Journal) "Paris Under Seige, 1870-1871", Edited and translated by George Becker, w/hist intro by Pual H. Beik.


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So, asside from protest banners, manifestos against the status quo, essays (notably "../literature/thoreau-henry-david.html">Henry David Thoreau's 'On Civil Disobedience'
), and the like. Just what *have* writers (as opposed to poets, artists, musicians, etc) *done* to "protest"??? {Back to the TOP of this page}

Visual Arts

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