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Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picaso aka "Pablo Ruiz" "Pablo Picasso-Ruiz" On this page: {Intro} {Stuff} {}



So, what is it that makes picasso persist? In the common mind, there are more modern painters -[
Jackson Pollock]- for one (but then his works are too abstract obtuse - a natural genius of the fractal was he). So, we search again Ah -[Leonardo!]- But, then he's stuck in this block of art-time called THE Renaissance. The thinker? (But, then we have the problem of -[Rodin]- to begin with - he could never draw hardly at all; and of course AN artist MUST be able to draw - so there goes -[Paul Klee]- (prnounced: KLAY) And so we go thru the list, and of course "... and the rest", Mary Cassat, Lee Krasner, Judy Chicago, Jacob Lawrence, Jean-Michelle Basquiat and the invisibles: -[Belkin]- and -[Icaza]- .. So, why not Picasso? more later... - franklin ace - decimal point trick trainer


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