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the Pont Aven

{Ref} "Pont-Aven is a picturesque little town in Brittany, frequented since 1873 by artists drawn there both by the archaic charm of the country and the celebrated inn of Marie-Jeanne Gloanec. It won fame through Gauguin's visits and gave its name to the school of painting created around him, the principles of which were revealed to him Brittany. {Quote 1}

The Usual Suspects

{ Paul Gauguin: "When my clogs strike this granite ground, I hear the low dull, powerful sound that I seek in painting" Charles Laval (1862-1894) Emil Bernard (1868-1941) Cuno Amiet () ????????????? Henri de Chamaillard (1865-1930) Grouchi-Taylor () ???? Jourdan () ?????? Maxime Maufra () Moret () ????? O'Connor () ??????


Ref: [Dictionary of Modern Painting, P296; Jean Leymarie] "I