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EDU-610 - Learning & Techology

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EDU-610 - Learning & Techology

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NOTE: All links ref'd as "Longman" are their property

Ch 1:

Longman Outliner Ch 1]- -[ablongman's lever-duffy3e site]- http://wps.ablongman.com/ab_leverduffy_teachtech_2/23/6126/1568290.cw/index.html (the did tempate (M/S word) -[www: MyLabSchool.com]- -[www: iste.org]- 1.I - What is Edu Tech? A. Edu tech is B. Media is 1.II. Why Study edu tech A. National stds B. Educators must acquire 1.III. Teaching and Learning - A closer look at the "Istructional Event" A. IE's are B. A variety of _____ explain how we learn C. Each theory offers D. As an edu'r, awareness of these theories helps you 1.IV. Perspectiveon Learning A. Learning as Communication 1. Knowledge is transmitted 2. Receiver returns 3. Sender receives feedback 4. Variables env learner edu'r material/content B. Env Factors 1. Any factor that 2. Includes obv factors such as 3. Also incl's less obv factors and distractors C. Psych factors 1. Psych factors are 2. Emotional state may interfere w/ 3. Learning styles may interfere with D. Personal Filters 1. Personal filters incl - 2. May also incl 3. Filters are present in both E. The Behaviourist POV 1. Behaviouists focus on 2. Learning occurs as a 3. Learning is a 4. Key theorists are E. The Cognitivist POV 1. Cognitists focus on learning as a 2. Learning is explained by 3. Believe ??? learning is ____ than behaviourist view 4. Key theorists are F. The Constructivist POV 0. Constructvists focus on 1. Knowledge is 2. Learning occurs when a 3. This view can be either _____ or _________ 3. Believe ??? learning is ____ than behav / cognitist view 4. Key theorists are 1.V. A view of the learner A. Cognitive styles ??#'s - 5. Cog styles refer to 6. Myers-Biggs instrument helps determine 7. Understanding cog styles gelps teachers B. Learning Styles 1. Conds under which one 2. Relates to individual 3. Auditory learners 4. Visual learners 4. Kinesthetic/Tactile learners C. Intelligence 1. 2. D. DID Designer Template http://wps.ablongman.com/wps/media/objects/4675/4787695/Ch2did_designer_3e.doc Lesson Planner Template http://wps.ablongman.com/wps/media/objects/4675/4787695/Ch2_lessonplanner_3e.doc -[]- -[]- -[]-

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