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Edu-610: Week 6

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Edu-610: Week 6

NOTE: An "SME" - Subject Matter Expert; eg, "an orinthologist". "SMA" - Subject Matter Area; the area of knowledge that the SME is an expert in; eg, "birds". "K-domain" - Knowledge domain. Should be sufficient to locate via googles. Thus "an orinthologist" is an SMA in "birds" (K-domain: aves). NOTE: For proper spelling refer to the Dewey Decimal System; specifically "Melvin Dewey". - that is all (well, for now ;) On this page: {Intro} {Stuff} {} {} {} {} {Refs} {Links}


Who is "this frank character?" and why does he use such un-usual "english"? -[
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ALWAYS: First harsh words, then healing energies.... The *oddest* thing about properly quoting stuff, and etc - is how it WORSHIPS originality. And yet when artists are different - they are eschewed for not being "acceptable" - ie, like everything else that's being done. Oooh, ahhh it's the renaissance!! Or in more modern times, oooh, ahhh, it's impressionism!!! What a crock. - frank (still miffed at the aburdity of it all and how it will determin OTHER people's lives, careers, and saddly enough what the teachers will do when they are spit out on to the pavement of anti-derivative sentiment that pervades the matrix of our bird cage; just act everyone else and you'll be fine - et tu Jamie Escalante?? *** BUT THEN, SUDDENLY on a completely different and obviously prosac-induced stream of blind optimsim... Week One Readings ================= Readings ======== May the Oracle protect and guide us. 1 Discussion Forums ================= Participate in the following Discussion Forums: 1. 1st Posting Due by Day 3.