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Description:  This is a traditional film appreciation course,
              but taught from the point of view of game development.
              And of course post-modernism, and post-post-modernism, ....

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Essential to game-ing is the hero's journey (well, that's the 
                                             way i see it)...

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The Hero's Quest

The Lyric Poem & Ballad

The Epic Journey

Redux: The Hero Re-envisioned

The Reading List

Theatre of the Absurd - Eslin (& absurdist plays) The Agamemnon J-P Sartre: The Flies (play) ------ FILMS ----

Film List

In addition to the films, music and readings in the aesthetics will be introduced so that participants become acquainted with the "cannon" of literary criticism of modernism. Week 1 - Ancient times - The Greek influence ======= Film: "Jason and the Argnonauts" Readings: Plato and Aristotle Week 2 - The Dark Ages to the Dawn of Modern Technology ======= Film: none (but i'm always open to suggestions) 400 - 1400 The Age of Faith and Chivalry Poem: -[
"Quite Early One Morning" by Dylan Thomas]- Better formating: -["Quite Early One Morning" by Dylan Thomas]- (word doc) Music: Carl Orff "Carmina Burana" 1400 - The Renaissance 1700 - The Age of exploration Week 3 - Behold the inventor! ======= 1700 - 1910 The Age of Modern Technology Film: "The Great Race" Technology: The Steam Engine The Locomotive The telegraph (and shortly the telephone) Electricity Car & Air Plane Week 4 - The focus on ordinary/extraordinary people ======= Film: Lust for Life - the artist as hero Beethoven as larger than life Film: (extracts) "Modern Times" and "The General" Music: "Parade" by Erik Satie & Jean Cocteau Week 5 - The Great War ======= 1914-1918 and its consequences Film: "Grand Illusion" The absurdists and dadaists, etc. Week 6 - The 1920's ======= Film: "Metropolis" Week 7 - The 1930's ======= Film: "The Magnificent Seven" the myth of the west the last decade before the total destruction innocence Week 8 - The 1940's ======= World War II Film: "Is Paris Burning?" Week 9 - 1950's ======= Youth takes center stage and the cold war Film (extracts) "The Giant Gilla Monster" "Bucket Full of Blood" Film: "Day the Earth Stood Still" Week 10 - 1960's ======= The New Idealism, and then the world in revolution Film: "The Dish" Strangely enough, the idea of "international spy" caught the imaginagion, viz.... TV (extract): Opening of "The Prisoner" -- official fan site ref site: -- town in Wales where it was filmed Spy shows: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (tried to defuse the cold war) I Spy (one of the more mysterious and intriguing) Get Smart (the ultimate spoof) And.... That Girl - precursor of the Mary Tyler Moore Show The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. (see, even girls can be spies) Honey West Note: The "send off" ep of Girl from UNCLE featured both Stephanie Powers and Robert Vaughn and in a bizare twist Boris Karlof in drag - with Vaughn recapping his Hamlet days as a young actor. Week 11 - 1970's ======= Enough of war and polarisation, the "credibility gap",... Film: "The Magic Christian" Week 12 - 1980's ======= Greed is good - Why not have it all? Film: "How to succeed in Business without Really Trying" The emergence of the anti-hero and the non-hero or why isn't my life like that one on TV? Film (extracts): "Die Hard" "Desparately Seeking Susan" Week 13 - 1990's ======= Technology enables the rest of the world Film: "Lagaan: Once upon a time in India" Week 14 - 2000's ======= Film: "Wag the Dog" Film (extract) "The Matrix" Week 15 - now, welcome to the 21st century ======= Film: "Ghost World" Week 16 - Student presentations & chalk talks ======= Now go forth and filminate!


Oinas, Felix J. (1978). Heroic Epic and Saga - An Introduction to the World's Great Folk Epics. DD# 809.13-H559 Gives the break down as follows: Homeric, Mesopomian, Sanskrit, Iranian, Beowulf, Nibelungenlied, Icelandic, Irish, French, Spanish Epic, Russian Byliny, SerboCroatian Heroic Songs, Balto-Finnic, Turkic, African heroic Epic Shapiro, Karl (1960). In Defense of Ignorance. DD# 809.1-S529I Welsh, Andrew (1978). Roots of Lyric -- Primitive Poetry and Modern Poetics. DD# 809.14-W461R Refers to: CWC - Ernest Fenollosa, The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry, ed. Ezra Pound (San Francisco: City Lights, 1964). ER -- Archer Taylor, English Riddles from Oral Tradition (Berkely and Los Angeles: Univ of Calif Press, 1951). IR -- Vernum Hull and Archer Taylor, A Collection of Irish Riddles, Folklore Studies, 6, (Beerkeley and Los Angeles: Univ of Calif Press, 1955). JAF - Journal of American FolkLore PMLA - Publications of the Modern Language Association of America.