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{Category Theory} http://www.mathkb.com/Uwe/Forum.aspx/math-logic/4610/factionalism-and-the-symbol BEGIN BLOCK QUOTE ====================== within a few standard deviations most of humanity can agree in clinical settings specific and atomic details of events that occur directly perceivable although there are well-established deviations for uncommon states of consciousness such as those found in emotional trauma or chemical ingestion there is often still much agreed upon this is what makes language possible these common symbols but despite much agreement on events directly perceived beliefs about events unseen still varies widely and beliefs about events that ought happen varies even more disagreements often start as bifurcations a separation of two domains of belief with a dichotomising true/false query the logic we measure query response with structures the topological separations of conceptual domains i like to mark april 23, 1943 as the birth of category theory that was when mckinsey and tarski first submitted "the algebra of topology" to the annals of math tarski was an amazing abstractionist a category theorist really who constructed the mathematical modelling of truth in ontologies of objects and their fundamental relations tarski's "undefinability of truth" was formulated with a very functionally recursive fixed-point formalism in his original proof much as a category theorist today would and this paper with mckinsey an isomorphism functor from the category of topologies to the category of complete atomic interior algebras http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interior_algebra this is the foundation of our mereology our ordering of the world through a collection process a containment logic as attractor domains in neurodynamics a control theory in the flow of information and that is the point of symbols they are our points of control as in sartre's l'être et le néant symbols get recognised negating nothingness becoming names inputs and outputs to our interactions scott, tierney, and others built this into domain theory containing similar inputs and outputs in concepts abstractions of first data we build communication protocols for expectation and control symbols have a power over homo sapiens we place hopes and expectation into symbols and will avoid perceptual data to keep our hopes alive marketing is the science of changing expectations from what might be indicated from other impressions like direct observation through hope and related appeals ( sex appeals hunger appeals fear appeals ... most generally any human drive is a control point ) because of their direct control (in the mathematical sense) provided by symbols they are the essence of modern marketing and mastery over their effect the foundations for a great economy manufacturing and marketing the foundations of modern social structure hillary clinton is one such symbol despite recent provocations that she may be friendly to the military-industrial complex and a past history of similar information on which to build models she is being held by many as a symbol of stopping the war in iraq other symbols don't seem to have the expectation to win so the hopes of those who want the war to change have through marketing and speech been altered others more likely to affect the indicated changes are considered less likely to win and through the desire for success are considered less _appealing_ hillary the symbol erects a for-her/against-her dichotomy which she then can use various appeals to attempt to win through these marketing semantic connotations some partitioning of a majority yes / no dichotomisation is a much more easily controlled worldview fundamentalists are easier to control they hold onto beliefs over evidence through a litany (literally) of avoidance mechanisms a dynamic worldview capable of belief rewriting to experiential information events allows for adaptation to better predict it maintains individual control over one's intellectual evolution broadening the context of individual actions optimising global learning symbols must sometimes shatter in order to move on and learn -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- galathaea: prankster, fablist, magician, liar END BLOCK QUOTE ============================= -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]-