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NOTE: An "SME" - Subject Matter Expert; eg, "an orinthologist". "SMA" - Subject Matter Area; the area of knowledge that the SME is an expert in; eg, "birds". "K-domain" - Knowledge domain. Should be sufficient to locate via googles. Thus "an orinthologist" is an SMA in "birds" (K-domain: aves).

DID Design Plan Paper

Instructions Download the DID Designer template from the Teaching and Learning with Technology textbook website. (This is a Microsoft Word document. If you do not have Microsoft Word, you can access the template on the website and cut and paste the sections into your word processor. The DID Template is linked to the On the Web! 2.7 activity in the text. Think of a lesson you may teach in your work environment. If you are a teacher, consider a lesson you teach your students. If you are a trainer in a non-school environment, think of a new system or procedure that you may train staff on in your workplace. Fill out the Dynamic Instructional Design (DID) Designer template for a real or hypothetical training scenario of your choice. (Refer to the DID sections in Chapter 2, pp. 47-65, to help you fill out the sections on the template.) In addition to creating a DID Design Plan using the template, write an overview (1-2 pages) of a related Lesson Plan and Action Plan you will create for your scenario. (You do not have to detail the lesson plan or action plan; just describe your plan broadly.) Optional: If you would like an additional resource, you can download the Lesson Planner from the textbook’s website. You are not required to use this, but if you would like to, you can use and submit it with your DID Design Plan. Format: a. This paper must be a minimum of 3-pages in length. (You can include the DID Design Template as part of the 3-page minimum.) b. Support your statements with information gained from the week’s readings. c. Name your document “firstinitial.lastname_assn3.doc” (for example – rjones_assn3.doc).


accessed: 2008.05.11 19:45 PCT +10GMT http://www.reallivemedia.net/cruz/newsroom_copy.html Mr. Cruz's web site The following via Mr. Cruz' web site: http://www.reallivemedia.net/cruz/img/DIDMODEL-ex1.pdf Paper on DID method by Anoni & Swanson http://www.reallivemedia.net/cruz/img/DIDMODEL-ex2.pdf App of DID process by Lychak & Petrella SMA: "Learning about the weather"