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Learn-ING Styles

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Assigned Papers

1. Review Chapter 1 of Teaching and Learning with Technology (pp. 19-29). 2. Read the following Journal Articles: a. Delahoussaye, M. (2002). The perfect learner: An expert debate on learning styles. Training, 39(5), 28-36. ProQuest Document ID: 117890412. -[
]- Accessed: 2008.05.05 at 00:56 PCT +10GMT Their ref data: 1. The perfect learner: An expert debate on learning styles Martin Delahoussaye. Training. Minneapolis: May 2002. Vol. 39, Iss. 5; p. 28 (9 pages) b. Weiss, R. P. (2000). Howard Gardner talks about technology. Training & Development, 54(9), 52-56. ProQuest Document ID: 60681880. -[]- Accessed: 2008.05.05 at 00:56 PCT +10GMT Their ref data: 1. Howard Gardner talks about technology Ruth Palombo Weiss. Training & Development. Sep 2000. Vol. 54, Iss. 9; p. 52 (5 pages) ASSIGNMENT ========== The Perfect Learner Write a 3-page essay on the article called, "The Perfect Learner: An Expert Debate on Learning Styles." In your essay, include a reflection on the following: a. What was your overall reaction to the debate on learning styles? b. Did any particular comments made by the experts resonate with you? Which ones and why? c. Consider some of the experts’ comments on learning styles in your own professional context. Discuss a scenario where these comments fit your learning styles or those of people you teach or train. The essay must include a cover page and a reference page (not counted in the 3 pages). Support your statements with information gained from the week’s readings.