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Hanover - Intro

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Imagine that it is the year 2103. The Earth is at war with the Moon and Mars - it's all about colonisation. The moon and mars (as you will recall from your history tape learning) were only slowly colonised during the 21st (2000c new speek: "Two-thousdand cee"; ie, the twenty first century) century. And at great cost to the various companies that put up the money. No one can ever forget the day that the Chinese government (Chochin-nord-azia - old style name) put the first fully integrated city on the moon in 2075. But, along the way "they" (those that hold the power) forgot about all of the people - you know humans, dolphins, hyper-parrots, etc. - who did the actual LIVING in such a space. More and more they got tired of Earth gov, Earth INDUST, Earth anything telling them how to live their lives. How the new schedual on oxy-repax was NOT un-reasonable, and how dare they want a transfer of the rest of the Earth's vanishing serrengetti to Mars Life Preserve!!! Well, you remember those days. And of course one thing led to antother and the solar system had its first war! Actually, all of this is beside the point. What happened is that you got injured. And then everything went blank. And the next thing that you knew is that you woke up in a hospital. But. The problem is that you were recessitated. Well, this is rather hard to say, so i'll just say it. That is what they used to say in your century isn't it: Just tell it like it is. You see, you're on Pluto. Or actually under it. Oh, what IS the preposition. You are in a recovery hostpital on Pluton station. So, i know this is very upsetting to you. Would you like to go to a concert? There's one tonight at Hanover. Which is one reason that we thought to wake you just now. The concert is from your own time. It's Rachmaninof. It's one of -[
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