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Cafe tupples

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Cafe tupples - Intro

]- -[]- -[]- -[]- If we take a particular subject, and let experts in the field agree (is such a thing poss) on what the various topics are then they could be grouped as check-off points on a person's learning history. Each thing could be given a universal identifier (sort of like in language) and the person would or would not have completed a particular leaf on the tree of knowledge (if you will).

Foreign Language

Let's remove the specifics from language by considering all languages. On a lot of the job forms you fill out. They have a section on other languages that you speak. Of course there are levels of fluency as well. In the arts department there are THE TRANSLATORS - not necessarily even fluent at speaking the language, but enough in the way that the language is used in poetry and literature to "make the leap". Thus, we have things: a) Can order food in the language, thank you, where is the bathroom? etc b) Everyday conversation (with help) c) All conversation (bi-lingual). d) Grammariarn - the structure of a language. e) Rhetorician - the way that words are put together to form ideas. f) Simultaneous-translator (independent of anything else) - in some cases these people don't even remember what they translated; eg, at the U.N. - Audrey. g) Translator (written) - Beckett. h) Translator (spoken) i) Writer in the language; eg, technology, literature, fantasy - Ursula K. narrative, .... i) Poet in the language. Total non-linear things. - Montale Hmmmm.... -[
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