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Hanover - Intro

Hanover (also known as "Hanover Station") is the mertz-like (aka merts-like; mertzern dobbleganger) performance hall where most concerts are held - the exception being on Bozoes Day when performances are held over the entire Plutonic system. In a sense to be seen at a concert is to be seen as part of the performance and its observers. This goes back to everyone oggling everyone else in their resplendent flourishes and such - rather than any (or much of) attentions to the performance as such. This problem has been solved (or at least a solution is proffered with an explanitory note) by having the various performances share the same physical space but the performance audience areas peer into that space and have the ability to view up and over the performance space and into the other performance audience areas. +--------+ | Aud | | A | (audience a) | | +--------+--------+----------+ | Aud | perf Aud | | L | space M | | | | +--------+--------+----------+ | Aud | | S | (audience s) | | +--------+ Note that ONLY from the A,L, and S spaces does the performance space resemble a procenium. -[
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