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Literature and the "AP sytle" Problem

this-file: hlit-probs.html Dedication to the Muses: Our goal as news-reporters is to be as objective as possible. But, oddly enough some of the best vids (new-speek for films, auds w/picture, V/R static presentation)... deal with reporters who *clearly* aren't objective. "People got hurt!" - "Alicia Clark" (played by Glenn Close) "Nobody died." - "??part??" (played by ??actress??) -[The Paper]- "Do YOU believe us? ... Do you believe us?" - "Bonnie Beechum" (played by Lisa Gay Hamilton) "Yes, damn it!" - "Steve Everett" (played by Clint Eastwood) "Where were you??? Where were you?!" - "Bonnie" -[True Crime]- And in the MIDDLE OF ALL OF THIS, you expect me to adhere to AP STYLE?????? -- author unknown, we suspect it was Mac. May the muses, guide and preserve us.... List any awards that you have received. --(not)--30-- START AGAIN So, where do we go from here? The main idea of a "style" (aka "style sheet", "ALA-guide", "APA-", "MLA-", etc) is to provide for a format that if someone else looks at the work, they are able to make changes intelligently and with the least damage to both the content and the intent of the original. However, this clearly falls apart in the modern era. Not so much because it's "modern", but rather because it's fast. I mean we thought laying a trans-Atlantic cable taking the time of sending a message around the world down to 2 days was fast - but 22_500 x 2 / 186_000 ?? of a second to send anything to anywhere on the same side of the earth, and just 3 times that for *anywhere* in the Earth-Luna system. [Note 1]


(this section only) [1] Yes, i know that assumes that we set up a tri-set of satellites in Clarke orbits around the moon. But, bear with me here - it is after all a "new century". {Back to the TEXT above} Note: the SELF - SAME symbol for Plutons Rising is: PlR^'s ^ that's a lower-case "L"; btw.


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