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Dedication to the Muses: PLUTONS RISING - an edu/SciFi/V\R env based (in part) on: { Reality Structure-3 (ie, "the universe of discourse") Sol-3, Planet 3 (at present, but post-planet 8: Pluto/Charon) hard fall - an illusory concept "vid" (the video penguin (c), (tm), etc - 1986) XCI - eXtended Computer IntellEgence The Adventures of Pizo eccEntric } and in association with "xtal producions" a Three Sitting Ducks productions INSERT AD HERE These fine products are brought to you humbly by BEC - Borhess Electronics Company. if you see "BEC" you know it can't be *that* bad. END AD Have a nice day --42-- Note: the SELF - SAME symbol for Plutons Rising is: PlR^'s ^ that's a lower-case "L"; btw. Noetic note: The figure of the shaman is closely associated with madness. When an initiate becomes a shaman by Eliade’s first method (spontaneous vocation), he “takes the risk of being mistaken for a ‘madman’”. [Eliade, P. 80] The behaviour of someone chosen in this way becomes more and more strange. Such a person “seeks solitude, becomes a dreamer, loves to wander in woods or desert places, has visions, sings in his sleep, etc.” [Eliade, P. 75 – as quoted in Silvester] Nichte var? game-schticker? - Richard/Hans end Noetic note. It is an emersive V/R env that is (hopefully) condusive to learning.