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Programmed learning

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Programmed Learning - Intro

]- From the Duskin page on PSI: Operant conditioning has been used in developing programmed learning. According to B. F. Skinner (1958), the purpose of programmed learning is to manage human learning under controlled conditions. Typically, a textbook or computer presents the material to be learned in a series of very small steps, called frames. Each frame contains some information and a statement with a blank that the student fills in. The student then uncovers the correct answer (by moving a paper down the page) before going on to the next frame. Each frame introduces a new idea or reviews material covered earlier. The agreement between the uncovered answer and the student's own response reinforces correct responses, making it likely that they will occur again. Moreover, shaping is employed, in that the frames start from the student's initial knowledge and in small steps proceed to the final knowledge. The student is therefore usually correct and continues to be reinforced, which keeps him or her at the task until completion. More here: -[www: Duskin.com dfn page]- -[]- -[]- -[]-


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