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My blurble

We've had these discussions for infinities of time: What do you do when X (a person) has XYZ (a degree) from such and such (a very well-received and accredited) and such university - and yet they are no more qualified (by any "reasonable" peer "knowledgable in common practice of the art" - as the patent applictation people sey) to teach flying to a bird than a brick is? What do you do when "well all he has is a bachelor's in math for teaching" ? (oh, and by the way he "did" work with Einstein at Princeton - and of course (in physics as well) Louis D'Broglie (one of the founding "fathers" of "wave mechanics") was an historian...? One thing i think is that there MUST be the commitment; i'm thinking of the based-on-true film "Chariots of Fire" and the commitment of the religious chap to NOT run on "the lord's day". And there is the ever-strange case of one Mr. Brubeck and a certain Darry Meeyou (obviously a person who is probably as fictictious as i am!; i mean have you ever heard of such a name????). Or similarly the words of "Mr. Brown" (aka "Ben Gates") played by Nicholas Cage, in the film "National Treasure" (2004) (written by Jim Kouf, Oren Aviv, Charles Segars) and the phrase by "Abigail Chase" (played by Diane Kruger) that: "no one talks like that any more" -- ie, in the grand-eloquent and/or heroic style. Odd that it is only in fiction (for the most part), that people DO speak as if well, as if... As if words matter. As if it isn't just enough to mouth the current catch phrases such as "I'll buy that for a dollar" (in the film "Robo-Cop" (1987); written Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner). Oh, well that's pretty much it. Content; the words, the images, the musics, the thoughts, the ............. (reader to fill in the blank). With all due deference to Umberto Eco, that: "Context is King".

Accreditation, and such

To quote wiki: Accreditation is a type of quality assurance process under which a facility's or institution's services and operations are examined by a 3rd-party accrediting agency to determine if applicable standards are met. Should the facility meet the accrediting agency's standards, the facility receives accredited status from the accrediting agency. In most countries in the world, the function of accreditation for educational institutions is conducted by a government ministry of education. In the United States, however, educational accreditation is performed by private nonprofit membership associations. I suggest spending some time out on wiki reading the stuff -- oddly enough a re-current problem with wiki is "CTS" consider the source. That, is (ahem) many articles are out there and since it is multi-authored, you never know how QUALIFIED the author of an article is. Of course, it under goes internal review (by an accepted clicque - WHAT human institution isn't subject to clicquism of some sort?). For example, my own contribution was deleted since it contained copy-writed materials (all quoted) - specifically the letter from the expressionist (1900c) poet Blaiser Cendrars to Sonia Terk-Delanuay in thanks to her painting based on his poem "on the trans siberian" ??title??. Oh well - at least they listed "The Bride Stripped bare and the seven bachelors" ??title? as THE LARGE GLASS. You do what you can. Eventually, it won't be enough just to come up with a "certain" squirrel who almost never gets that final nut - you;ll have to be ACREEDITED, CERTIFIED, etc as a "nut-ologist" (or is it a squirrelogist with a minor in nutology?? ;) -- peace to all, Frank. -[
wiki: accreditation]- "pinky" on infinite repeat "and what of the keepers of books?" (yep: reading "451" - first time; all the way, non-monolithic; how LONG did it take him to write this?) Despite the widely recognized benefits and accountability of accreditation, some institutions choose, for various reasons, not to participate in an accreditation process. According to the United States Department of Education, it is possible for postsecondary educational institutions and programs to elect not to seek accreditation but nevertheless provide a quality postsecondary education. [13] Yet, other unaccredited schools simply award degrees and diploma without merit for a price. Some religious schools claim that accreditation could interfere with their mission or philosophy even though organizations do exist specifically to accredit religious institutions without compromising their doctrinal statements.[14] Some states, such as California, allow exemption from accreditation for religious schools. Thus, occasionally diploma mills operate as religious universities to avoid laws against diploma mills.[15] Meanwhile institutions, such as Strassford University, claim "none of the recognized regional accrediting organizations accept as members institutions that are not dedicated to traditional education," and thus, next: ulc -1.

Strassford University

\www.stratford.edu]- Note esp: the "das fantasche glazzure" - -[AAS from the School of Culinary Arts & Hospitality]- (Personally, i've always considered two things to be a certain sign of a *civilised* world; social ammenities, and plated desserts. That and a general avoidance of war, hatred, bigotry, and such nuisances to a good game of chess.)

ULC, Modesta, California, Terra

(Universal Life Church) "We are all one." Founded in the previous (1900c) century by



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