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Pizo: Art Theorist

(more bablinks in the mannor of Will Insley) The Modern/ the acceptable. What sells, what does not. What is acceptable, what is comfortable, what is dis-concerting, what is dis-torting, what is dis-dis-ing, Art for art's sake, art for pete's sake, art for the sake of the dog, art as bird cage liner, art as cat box liner, art as puppy trainer, art as garbage that is garbage, the garbage becomes the art, the art is not sellable, is not re-present-able, is not respect-able, is not re-formable, undoubtedly art is not art if it can appeal to everyone, art that appeals, art that reveals, art that is never made to suffer, art that is suffers from appeal, art as sex appeal, the art market, the meat market, sloppy art as left over antagonism with the art loving public, i know sloppy art when i see it, i see slop with baked beans, i sell slop that is art, i slop art that is soaked in kerosine, i shit art, they eat art, they love art, everyone screams for good art, only art that is good will survive, the artist is attacking society, the sick of society ruin the art for everyone, when art is attacked, only the sick will vomit art, only art is worth digesting, the un-sung artist is the song of the un-sold painting with only two of the three primary colors, the un-strung art is the guitar of blue, the green of gold is never sold as blue on a thursday, only a duck knows how to fuck art, and if the art sucks, then the clit of the aritst must be sold as is, a gold dick is better than a sold art after the song has died a thousand silences, history is art without pain, the left hand is the right hand un-strung, left over art can safely be re-heated in Texas, only art can over take the under world of the over lords of gold, god can not make a tree think, a tree without a horse is like orange juice without van gogh, unless a trained gorilla can curse a rembrandt, a useless readymade is sold at auction never consume the end of the product, unless notified in writing that the end justifies the means of the wildest thought of a duck. [Back to the ART CRITICISM page...