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pns: c source code: osy

Source code files (as raw text) - -[osy.h]- (requires tu.h and tu.c) -[osy.c]- (requires tu.h and tu.c) -[osy-test.c]- (mini demo application) On this page: {Intro} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {References} {Links} (including c compilers, etc)


Many of the tasks that we need to do are the same regardless of if it's on a DOS (or other small-ware support O/S (Operating/System); eg a micro-controller) or UNIX (Linux, etc). Thus, this system allows us to freely swap between the two. It has many utilities - all customized to the particular system - dos or unix. Of course, on mini-cusomised versions of dos (or dos-like; i make no distinction) some functions won't work. And i'm not getting into the whole Windows-NT and NFS and all of that - give me access to the DIR and let me sort thru the files; thank you very much ;) "Real programmers aren't affraid of a naked prompt" > $ n'est pas? -- frank fleeding AT hotmail DOT com