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For more info, emule: FrankVanPelt AT care2 DOT com -[about]- Who was/is/will-alwas-be this Patricia Pond person, and why have you dedicated aN eNrire site to her??? (Enquiring minds want to know! ;) BELOW: NEW FILM LITERATURE & TEXT LITERATURE COURSES in Modernism!! {Jump down to it} See also: -[www.classjump.com/ArtTech]- newest virtual class room stuff!! NOTE: The notation -[]- for a link means that it will open in a separate window. [] opens in the current window, and {} indicates a link on the current page. [web: xyz] means that the page is on the web and not in this account directly. Hopefully, helpfull, - frank. NOTE: All teaching pages for "art3/fleeding" will be transfered to this site. -[PNS/teaching/teaching.html]- -[^^Psych]- (psychology/sociology} Newest: -[SciFi channel I/V w/ Arthur C. Clarke]- Like: Way cool!!! -[DISD]- SUPER sites: -[www: TV Teachers.tv]- using vid to teach, etc


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Technology in general...]- -[atech]- (atech lesson plans, etc) -[Computer Skills]- -[BASICS: Word Processing]- -[BASICS: Video Production]- (under construction) -[BASICS: Desktop Publishing]- (under construction) -[BASICS: ArtWork Production]- (under construction) -[BASICS: Technology]- (including programming & scripting) GED Classes: (under construction) -[BASICS: The King's English]- (Grammar, rhetoric and such) -[BASICS: Math]- -[BASICS: Science]- -[BASICS: ]- -[BASICS: ]-

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NEW: -[
Modernism via Film & TEXT]- (ie, "readings")!!!! -[Modernism via Film]- -[Film via Game]- The Hero's Journey also e-learning.... -[Plutons Rising - Life as Learning]- (New Vistas project) A V/R I/A learning lab/env. -[nedu]- (towards a new way of learning?) a Learning Kits approach, smart rooms, etc.. [nmaths] (new maths) [zix-pns] (zix-like pages at the PNS) Also: -[web: The Pond Art School]- (PAS) -[web: The Pond Gallery]- (Pond Gallery) Other resources: -[web: IconoSphere zix-42]- (8 approaches to creativity) -[Art/history]- (a primary resource) -[web: Pizo's Techno World]- (pkda2001; games, digital tools, etc) -[web: The Borges Library]- (tea time?) -[web: Frank's home pages]- art3/fleeding -[osh]- Share and enjoy, Frank Leeding.